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Tire services

Here at Waterloo Auto Service we know a great deal about proper tire servicing. Tires are one of the most neglected features of a car when it comes to maintenance, which is too bad because regular maintenance and inspection can save you a lot of hassle down the road. To explain the services we perform for the motorists of Edmond, and why they are important, we will go through some commonly asked questions..

What is tire tread depth?

Tread depth indicates the age or the amount of usage a tire has had. As tires are used they will slowly start to lose their tread. Driving on tires without the appropriate amount of tread is very dangerous. The less tread your tires have, the less contact your vehicle has with the road surface, which drastically affects performance and safety.

Tire rotation, how does it work?

Tire rotation is important to keep your tires lasting as long as possible. No matter where each tire is placed on your vehicle, one side of each tire will wear down more quickly. This is natural for any vehicle. When tires are rotated, your Edmond mechanic will change the position of each tire. For example, your rear tires will go on the front of the vehicle, and the front tires will go on the rear.

What is Wheel balancing?

Almost all tires on the road today have a slight imbalance – meaning that a tire does not spin flush to the road. This is normal, but if left alone for too long, your tires could become significantly unbalanced. Indications of unbalanced tires usually occur at higher speeds. Your vehicle will shake or vibrate when you are cruising down the highway and your steering wheel might shake. Or, if the rear tires are unbalanced, you might feel a shake or vibration in the whole car, more so in the seat. Leaving your vehicle in this condition will create stress and eventually damage the steering and suspension systems of your vehicle.

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