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Automotive Suspension Repair in Guthrie and the surrounding areas

Waterloo Auto Service is the place to go if you need your vehicle’s suspension checked out and repaired in the Guthrie area. Most people are completely oblivious to what goes on underneath their vehicle while driving down the road. The job of your car’s suspension is to make sure all of your tires remain in contact with the road at all times. This ensures the stability and handling of your vehicle while maintaining the proper comfort level for the passengers. The condition of your suspension system also dictates how your tires wear and how long they will last. Waterloo Auto Service employs technicians who have many years of experience diagnosing and repairing automotive suspension systems. Whether you live in the Guthrie area, or somewhere on the outskirts, come let our qualified technicians help you decide the best course of action to keep your car driving right. Please call us for an appointment if you require any of the following suspension services:

What are the signs that my suspension needs to be repaired?

If you have had your car for a long time and have put a bunch of miles on it, you might not even notice a problem in the suspension, because you have gotten “used to” the way it drives.

If you’re driving around in the Guthrie area and you feel there may be something about the way your car is handling that just doesn’t seem right, call for an appointment or just stop by Waterloo Auto Service and let us check it out. We’d like to help keep you and your family safe by making sure your suspension system is in good working order.

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